Donations / Sponsor

Our policy is to NEVER let a students financial status be a barrier to learning Quran & accessing sound Islamic knowledge. This is where you can support our sisters who need a sponsored placements &/or contribute to running the programme.
A students financial status should never be a barrier to accessing our Quran classes. This is where you can support our sisters who need a sponsored placements &/or contribute to running the programme.
Please note, we may use your donations to cover other costs if we fall short.
There are 3 categories of donations, Monthly cost cover, 1 Off payments of a large bill, or sponsoring a Student or a Volunteer.

We'd like to THANK YOU in advance & ask Allah to reward you for every goodness achieved from this organisation.
The following are Monthly cost your can contribute to.


£ 15
  • Each teacher has a Pro Zoom account to delivery the Qu'ran course.


£ 50
  • Our Volunteer Appreciation programme is a way to say thank you. We provide Free English /Spanish classes / Training to up-skill our Volunteers .


£ 100
  • Contribute to our Admin costs.


£ 500
  • In parallel to running the programmes , we invest in new ways to engage and support our sisters. Contribute to our R&D.
You can also choose a 1 time donation for the following fees.


£ 375
one off
  • This will cover our current monthly ZOOM cost. Thats 300 hours of Quran Classes. These licenses are also used for recitation sessions & other Quran classes delivered by our Teachers.

Annual Accounting Costs

£ 600
one off
  • We have an offer to cover our accounting fees and accounts filing with company house to be processed for £800.

Technical Licences

£ 850
one off
  • To enable our platform, we use products & incur a number of annual licence costs.
    For example Hosting,Telephony, Software

Technical Licences

£ 6000
one off
  • We are currently designing & building an App that provides a unique Islamic Social Learning Platform for both sisters & brother. Phase 1 development is £6000. This app is designed to make to access our programmes, in particular for those who struggle with technology.
You may also sponsor a
Please note, we value all our volunteers equally. If we do not manage to have a sponsor for every teacher we will distribute Volunteer Sponsor donations among all of them. Pls donate generously !
Dec 2022 we expect to have Approx 25 to 30 Volunteers.

Sponsor a Volunteer

£ 90
/ Monthly
  • We'd like to give a small gift at the end of every term to our teacher, this donation will go towards gifting our Teachers for their time. Although they deserve more that we can give, $100 month could help them cover their own costs. For example, Internet usage etc.

Sponsor a Quran Student

£ 30
/ Monthly
  • We believe that financial status should never be a barrier to learning Quran or Islam. Our policy is let our sister decided what they can pay, from FREE to £30. This donation helps cover the gaps in delivery and you can Sponsor a student learning.