Who are we?

Founded in 2016, we are a non profit UK registered organisation, with over 30 sisters across the world dedicated to Serve Allah and our sisters.

Our primary objective is to  promote living an Islamic lifestyle through our social Learning platform & promote Cultural exchange.

  • Through our programmes, we aim to educate, support and provide a space for Islamic growth. 
  • Through the R&R platform,  our members have the opportunity to connect, learn from  & with each other, bridging gaps & build life long friendships with those on a similar journey.

Although many of our in-person activities have been affected by Covid restrictions, we endeavour to maintain an online presence,  until, In sha Allah, we can return to meeting person

We are dedicated to the advancement of the Islamic religion and Islamic way of life, focusing on, but not limited to, women and their families mainly by means of:

  1. Operating classes & events for the teaching of Islam, the Quran and the Islamic lifestyle;
  2. Supporting those who have embraced the Islamic faith;
  3. Supporting those who are born muslim;
  4. Supporting both the individual and their families through their transition to an Islamic lifestyle 
  5. Combating isolation and related issues through education & promoting social networking 
  6. Meeting the needs of the beneficiary as far as possible regarding their educational, social, cultural and spiritual requirements;

An islamic lifestyle is one shaped & adheres to the Islamic Principles (as per the Qur’an & Sunnah) & most importantly the submission to Tawheed – the oneness of Allah. That is, to recognise Allah as the ultimate reality, to worship Him with all sincerity and to submit to Him in every aspect of life.

1.    To Worship Allah Alone

Thy Lord hath decreed, that ye worship none save Him. (17:23)


2.    To Be Respectful and Kind to Parents, To Take Care of the Orphans, To Be Good to Relatives, to the Poor, and to Travelers


And make yourself submissively gentle to them with compassion, and say: My Lord! Have mercy on them both as they did care for me when I was little. (23-24)

Come not nigh to the orphan’s property except to improve it, until he attains the age of full strength. (17:34)

Give the kinsman his due, and the needy, and the wayfarer. (26)

3.    To Be Careful with and Not Waste Resources


And squander not (thy wealth) in wantonness. Lo! the squanderers were ever brothers of the devils, and the devil was ever an ingrate to his Lord (17:26-7)


4.    To Steer Clear of Adultery and Illicit Relations


And come not near unto fornication. Lo! it is an abomination and an evil way. (17:32)


5.    To Respect Every Life and Not to Kill Anyone Unless in the Pursuit of Justice


And slay not the life which Allah hath forbidden except for a just cause. (17:33)


6.    To Fulfil Promises and Commitments & To Be Honest in Business Dealings


And keep the covenant. Lo! of the covenant it will be asked. (17:34)


Give full measure when ye measure, and weigh with a balance that is straight: that is the most fitting and the most advantageous in the end. (17:35)


7.    To Be Humble & To Act upon Knowledge and Not Follow hearsay or act on half-truths


And walk not on the earth exultant. Lo! thou canst not rend the earth, nor canst thou stretch to the height of the mountains. (17:37)


follow not that whereof thou hast no knowledge. Lo! the hearing and the sight and the heart—of each of these it will be asked. (17:36)

Born Muslim, Reverts  & Islam curious Women- any women who is interested in learning about islam. 

For our Reverts  – We support new muslim pre & post shahada; After celebrating a sisters acceptance into Islam, more often, our sisters are left to fend for themselves. R&R works to integrate our sisters into the community, supporting their transition and providing education on the fundamentals of Islam & Reading Quran.

For our Returners – We aim to provide a safe space for born muslim sisters who, similar to reverts, need a safe, nonjudgemental space to reconnect & learn about Islam at their own pace.  

For Islam Curious – R&R is welcoming and allows any women, interested in learning about islam to join our programme, as long you are sincerely interested to learn & sharing, in a mutually respectful space. 

Running a number of programmes, courses &  facilitating social events, we create a space for our members, to unite & grow under the umbrella of Islam, regardless of where you started your journey to Allah.

  • Quran programme
  • Fundamental of Islam course
  • Supportive  Space (services to support our sisters)
  • Self-Service Learning Platform
  • Language Courses
  • Online “connect” courses (Muslim women in digital space)

We’d like to see every home to have a wife/sister/mother who can recite Quran with excellent Tajweed, with view to creating a Quran teacher in every home. This can only be achieved if we ensure a programme built on excellence and what is more excellent that the words of Allah. 

  1. Provide the best Qualified, Dedicated & R&R Trained Quran teachers
  2. Structures, Objectie driven courses
  3. Small intimate classes, for a 1-2-1 like learning experience 
  4. Tailored Quran plan’s  for each & every student – yes we review, discuss & plan for each students.
  5. We also Train Teachers on the R&R Methodology of teaching Quran to non-Arab Speakers!
Our Quran programme has been more successful than we could have ever imagined,  WaL-Hamdulillah. at times with a 6 month waiting list to join. 

As muslims there is obligation upon us to ensure we understand our religion & how Allah has ordered us to conduct our lives. Without this knowledge we would be negligent of our faith. More often than not, we learn about our religion informally  from  friends & family and do not invest time in studying our faith. 

We provide qualified teachers to run courses covering the fundamentals of Islam, isnha Allah to equip our members to live an islamic lifestyle. 

Subjects we cover are but not limited to 

  1. Aqeeda & Tawheed
  2. Fiqh of Salah
  3. Obligations of a Muslim
  4. Seerah of the Prophet 


We deliver services to meet the needs of our members, these services are delivered on demand.

  1. Facilitating Shahadah online or at local Masjid
  2. Buddy/Mentoring programme –  connecting to a trained mentor for early stages of transition
  3. Teaching Salah & wudu
  4. Family interventions and advocacy 
  5. Whatever is in our capacity to be a support network for our sisters

We are developing and growing our Social learning Platform;  self-servicing  & driving your individual growth.

A platform where our members can connect with likeminded sisters. 

Some memories..

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Amazing Iftar
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Our beautiful Sisters
R&R meetings way back in 2017
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After Lecture tea & biscuits
Our beautiful Sisters
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